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Getting to know officer Adoboe

Officer Daniel Adoboe is Wedgwood East's NPO (Neighborhood Police Officer)


I had the pleasure of meeting with Daniel Adoboe for a little Q & A. We are excited to partner with Officer Adoboe and move forward with some great initiatives.  First our COP program is building with a new training classes being offered to the neighborhood. Did you know that once you apply and finish the training for the program you will receive a radio that will connect directly with the dispatcher at the South precinct? Neat!

Officer Adoboe is working on a program called PAL (Police Athletics League). He is looking to partner with the Boxing studio on Altamesa in the Chicken Express parking lot. This is a program to help give kids something to do after school, weekends and the summer. Did you know that some of the car burglaries are happening from kids that live in the neighborhood? The juveniles have been arrested but will soon be out again. This program is targeted towards kids just like this to keep them busy. There are ways we as a community can help this program. We can donate time, money for equipment, and food to help feed the kids and staff while they are at the boxing studio.


How long have you been a police officer?

Adoboe: 8 Years. I started in the South precinct, then East and back to South.

Where do you live?

Adoboe: I actually live in Arlington.

Do you have children?

Adoboe: Yes, a 13 year old son.

Where are you from?

Adoboe: I am from Ghana. Grew up in NJ. Then joined the Army and was stationed in FT. Hood. I have family in Arlington and decided to stay.

What are your hours and days?

Adoboe: I work Monday-Friday 7-5 but this can vary depending on meetings and events.

What advice did Crowmaster give you before taking on NPO for Wedgwood East?

Adoboe: Crowmaster told me that WENA is a group of nice folks.

Are you a NPO for other neighborhoods?

Adoboe: I am the NPO for WENA, South Hills South and Westcreek. South Hills South and Westcreek are new neighborhood associations that came together because of the new QT.

What are your hobbies?

Adoboe: I like to read and workout.

What kind of advice do you have for our neighborhood?

Adoboe: Lock your car doors!!! A big majority of our burgularies are from unlocked cars. The kids have been caught and there have not been reported crimes since the kids were caught. However, the kids are juveniles and will be out again.

Jenilee: Motion Flood lights by home owners could help detract from theft. 

Where is your office?

Adoboe: My office is located 3128 W Bolt. Wedgwood East up to Southwest High School is out of this precinct.

Are there any studies that show a correlation between communities and neighborhoods that hand out a higher than average traffic tickets (speeding, stop signs, parking, etc) and lower crime rates?

Adoboe: I do not know of any studies. Most of the drivers in the neighborhood live in the neighborhood. We do not look to fine our neighbors. If speeding is a community issue we can look into a city grant program that offers officers overtime to do stop sign detail. If Wedgwood East Neighbors are interested in this.

How can we support you?

Adoboe: Join the COP program!

I asked Officer Adoboe about speeding in the neighborhood and what we can do when our kids are out riding bikes etc. Do not spray speeding cars with water, throw rocks or balls!!

There are some “kids at play signs” I bought at Toys R Us. I will put these signs out on my street when my kids are playing. They are not to be left out all the time and not to be set out in obstructed areas.

Thank you Officer Adoboe for your partnership with our neighborhood and your service!

Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO)

Daniel Adoboe-South Division



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